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When it comes to keeping your car beautiful, I have never been a pro. About six years ago, I realized that my car was falling apart, and I needed to do something if I wanted to keep driving it. I started focusing heavily on making sure that things stayed in top condition, and it really made a powerful difference. I took some time to clean out the car's interior and sort out the engine trouble, and within a few weeks my car was running a lot better. This blog is all about learning how to look after your car and protecting your investments.


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Things To Remove Before You Get Rid Of Your Junk Car

When you have a car that you can no longer drive and that doesn't have enough value to sell, you'll likely look for a service, like Edison Automotive, that buys up junk cars and gives you cash for them. This service is handy — you'll have money in your pocket and the car will be out of your driveway. While it's useful to give the car a careful inspection to ensure that all of your belongings are out of it, you might also wish to remove certain items from the vehicle before the cash for junk cars service comes to pick it up. Here are some things to remove.

Windshield Wipers

If the windshield wipers on your vehicle are still in proper working order, you might as well remove them before your vehicle is taken from your property. If the blades are intact, you can simply transfer them to another vehicle that you own. Or, you can store them in your garage to use when the current windshield wipers on another of your vehicles wear out. Doing so saves you the cost of buying replacement wipers, which may not be a ton of money, but there's no point in spending it if you don't have to.


It's also a good idea to thoroughly check the tires on your vehicle. Just because you're selling the vehicle as junk doesn't mean that the tires are ruined. While this might be the case, there's also a chance that the tires have some good use left. If so, you may wish to buy a set of used tires for a cheap price from a local garage, and then swap these tires onto your vehicle. You'll then be able to save the better tires for future use on another of your vehicles or, if they're the incorrect size, you could think of selling them online. You should also think about taking the spare tire if it's in good shape.


You won't be able to change your vehicle's tires without using its jack, but there's no point in returning the jack to the trunk when you're done changing the tires. You may be able to use the jack with another of your vehicles; this is especially the case if the jack in the vehicle you're selling as junk is of a better quality than another vehicle's jack. If not, you may be able to sell the jack online during a garage sale.