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When it comes to keeping your car beautiful, I have never been a pro. About six years ago, I realized that my car was falling apart, and I needed to do something if I wanted to keep driving it. I started focusing heavily on making sure that things stayed in top condition, and it really made a powerful difference. I took some time to clean out the car's interior and sort out the engine trouble, and within a few weeks my car was running a lot better. This blog is all about learning how to look after your car and protecting your investments.


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Change Your Driving In Order To Get More Life Out Of Your Brakes

If you want to get more life out of your brakes, you are going to need to change your driving habits. Here are three changes you can make to how you drive that will benefit your vehicle's brakes:

#1 Watch Your Vehicle Weight

One of the best things you can do if you want to extend the life of your vehicle's brakes is to watch the weight of your vehicle. Overloading your vehicle puts additional stress on your brakes as it has to stop more weight than it was designed to pick up. The more weight that your vehicle has on it, the more energy that your brakes have to extend in order to bring your vehicle to a stop.

You can reduce the stress on your vehicle by not carrying around extra weight in your trunk. Don't use your truck as an extra storage area; that extra weight can strain your brakes and other vehicle components.

When you have to more heavy items, do not overload your vehicle. It is better to make multiple trips with lighter loads than it is to stress out your brakes and wear them down with a really heavy load.

#2 Go With The Flow

Second, when you drive, watch the traffic around you and go with the flow of the traffic. For example, it is better to keep a slower and steady pace through a series of stoplights than it is to speed up to the light, only to have to slam on your brakes as you hit the lights. Pay attention to how the traffic is moving and adjust your driving so that you are going with the flow. This is a great way to reduce how frequently you have to use your brakes, especially on routes that you take on a regular basis.

#3 Coast More Often

Third, try to coast more often instead of always using your brakes. This requires you to be very aware of the road around you and how the traffic is flowing. If you notice that everyone is starting to slow down, take your foot off the gas and allow your vehicle to start coasting, waiting to use your brakes until necessary. This can be really useful when getting off of freeway exits or approaching stop signs. It may seem like a little action, but over time, it will help extend the life of your brakes.

By keeping your vehicle load light, paying attention to the road and flowing with the traffic, you can put less stress on your brakes and extend their useable life. For more information, contact your local diesel mechanics today!