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When it comes to keeping your car beautiful, I have never been a pro. About six years ago, I realized that my car was falling apart, and I needed to do something if I wanted to keep driving it. I started focusing heavily on making sure that things stayed in top condition, and it really made a powerful difference. I took some time to clean out the car's interior and sort out the engine trouble, and within a few weeks my car was running a lot better. This blog is all about learning how to look after your car and protecting your investments.


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5 Tips For Preventing And Dealing With Common Car Lockouts

Lockouts happen all the time. While a lockout service can help you deal with one, it's important you understand some of the basic ways you can avoid a lockout. You can save yourself time, money, and hassle if you follow these simple tips for preventing lockouts.

1. Develop Good Habits and Rituals

Your first line of defense against a car lockout is your own habits. Making sure you pull your keys out of the ignition should become a ritual.

Checking that you have your keys before you lock the door should become second nature to you. A good way to practice this is by making sure you have your key in your hand whenever you exit the vehicle.

2. Get Yourself an Extra Set of Keys

One of the easiest solutions to preventing or dealing with a car lockout is to have an extra set of keys. You can leave a set of duplicate keys with someone you trust, or at a location you can easily access if you need them.

You can even consider multiple sets that you can leave in different places. For example, you can leave one set at home and another at your job. You can also keep a spare on you at all times. Keep a spare in your wallet or purse, or anything you carry around frequently.

3. Invest in Some Roadside Assistance

Many car clubs, insurance companies, and other institutes offer some form of roadside assistance. These programs often have lockout services and other types of assistance, such as jump start service. They usually require a monthly or yearly subscription, but it's worth it to consider them.

4. Keep Electronics in Working Order

If your car door locking mechanism requires a key fob, then always make sure you have a fresh battery. You should also keep a few spare key fob batteries as well.

5. Make Sure You Have a Number to Call

Even for those who take precautions, some situation can still lead to a car lockout. You always have the option to call a service to come to your rescue. A lockout service can help you in an emergency if you find you cannot get into your car for some reason.

For example, even if you have a spare key, you can end up in a situation where the key breaks off in the door or ignition. That's the type of unexpected issue that it's hard to plan for. Keep the number of a lockout service on hand.